5 Best Free Blogging Platforms 2020

Speaking of today, one who owns a successful blog is rich than the richest person surviving on the planet Earth. The blog is not just about writing, it is the wholesome business that goes deeper and deeper the more you try to dig into it. And similarly, blogging is a healthy and positive activity done by an individual, not necessarily a techno guy, who is passionate about life and the environment around.  

 Good blogging activity out rightly means you have a platform, which provides all the tools to create electronic pages on which the content is published regularly. In today’s terms, blogging is a comprehensive content management system available in the form of Wix, WordPress, and many more. 

With free blogging platforms around, you are already living on a high advantage side to showcase your skills to the world and earn money too. Here are the 5 all-time best blogging platforms in 2020 that you certainly cannot do away with:


#1- Joomla – It is a secured, self-hosted, and astonishingly a free blogging platform available to the bloggers today. This blogging platform enjoys immense popularity among the bloggers and that is definitely not without any reason. The power and flexibility of blogging in Joomla are incredible. Whether you want to create a powerful website, or an eCommerce store or a blog, Joomla does is all without much expertise.  

The design features loaded in Joomla are incredibly out of blues. You have the power of creating your rich template and simultaneously go on to create HTML pages for objects or data arrays. To make Joomla more responsive in designing, Bootstrap can also be integrated into it. 

To launch a site on Joomla, visit: www.launch.joomla.org


#2- WordPress – If someone has a growing desire for starting a blog, then WordPress is just the blogging platform that he should go with. It is one of the very handy, flexible, and quite trustworthy blogging platforms that requires absolutely no investment, especially if you are there for a basic platform. WordPress provides the right mixture of customization, usability, and fluidity.  

WordPress has a free and really quick installation. The power of this online blogging platform can further be enhanced by installing third-party plugins. Since it is easy to use, many newbies find it attractive to use. The blogs designed in WordPress can also be graphically enhanced. 


To launch a site on WordPress, visit: www.wordpress.com


#3- Yola – This super amazing blogging platform comes with seamlessly fluid layouts and without any kind of third-party ads. There are equally great blogging platforms available for the new age and creative bloggers. 

With the free Yola plan for blogging, you get 1 GB storage and high bandwidth, and there will not be any kind of obscure third-party ads running around. For the advanced programmers, who understand the functioning of CSS, Yola offers them the advantage. In addition to it, there are plenty of drag and drop widgets around to give your blogs a superb outlook. Yola offers the bloggers a great place to show their blogging skills. 

To launch a site on WordPress, visit: www.yola.com 


#4- Wix – This amazing blogging platform is a touch of heart to many bloggers, and that’s because of its seemingly light drag and drop system. All of it is designed in HTML 5. The blogging platform is free and comes with 500-designer made exclusive templates that show-up great every time you host them. 

The moment you create a free account, you have 500MB storage along with 1GB bandwidth. And if you have something else in your mind with Wix, then go for premium plans, which provide you with a private domain, Google Analytics, and a great online store. 

For more information, visit: www.wix.com 


#5- Hubpages – It is a huge and widely growing network of websites and bloggers, also popularly known as the Hubbers where you can share the story and align with them. And it is also more exciting to find that you are earning good money too!

For more information, visit: www.hubpages.com



Which one are you steady with? The choice that you make is going to make you the best blogger in the world. And nobody will stop you from becoming the money magnate for sure.


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