9 Best WordPress Alternatives in 2020

WordPress is a fanciful and somewhat bizarre Content Management System (CMS) with a mammoth assortment of themes and amazing plugins. With WordPress around, you can easily build an ostensible and great website in a matter of time. 

Maybe you know that at some point in time, WordPress is just not the right kind of platform just because it asks for frequent updates. Or there is a possibility that you do not want to go for WordPress, because the interface is quite complex. 

And now you are searching out for more better and flexible alternatives to WordPress. Several free and paid alternatives will give you not just an amazing website but a lot more. Let’s take a quick look at these WordPress alternatives:


#1- TYPO3 

This “Enterprise Class” content management system offers a flexible interface, which is capable of taking your business ideology to whole new levels. This content management system continues to provide regular updates and state of the art security features, giving you the safe advantage and a superb website. 

More interesting to know is that with TYPO3, you can quickly integrate your business management systems straight into the websites. Whether you run a large business or have just ventured into a startup, building a website in TYPO3 gives you smart and remarkable management. This Enterprise-Class CMS is also capable of building up the complex page hierarchies. 

TYPO 3 has a simple structure, and this allows the website owner to ensure proper and realistic categorization of pages and folders. The CMS effectively utilizes a smart SEO URL address and lets you manage multiple sites. 

To know more, visit: www.typo3.com


#2- Drupal

Drupal is as good as WordPress both in terms of responsiveness, flexibility and fluidity. With Drupal around, you have the advantage to custom size the size of the images within the structure of the Admin Panel.

Drupal is a slightly complex content management system, it is packed with a multilingual functional interface and capable of handling a wide range of pages and an equal number of visitors. Moreover, Drupal has a leading-edge as it offers an enterprise-level security. Even the websites of nasa.gov, whitehouse.gov, and tesla.com, are designed on Drupal’s content management system. 

For more information visit: www.drupal.com


#3- Joomla

Joomla comes next in popularity right after WordPress. This smart, innovative, and extraordinary fluid interface is designed to let you control the workflow of your website. There is a smart Access Control List (ACL) built into it giving the website administrator the advantage to access the website. 

Meta Descriptions are easy to create and integrate into Joomla. The powerful easy frontend SEO ensures strategic online marketing and more functionality in terms of site optimization. 

For more information visit:  www.joomla.com


#4- Ghost

Ghost is the lately developed content management system (CMS) with a cleaner look and there is an advanced automated backup system for keeping the content in place. This advanced CMS is useful in developing innovative blogs and new-age designs. 

The speed and extent of SEO optimization is overwhelming as it uses node.js. The ghost brings to you a rewarding experience altogether. 

To know more, visit: www.ghost.org 


#5- Django CMS

Django CMS is a competitive and an unusual enterprise-level Content Management System made for the website developers, which would create enormously professional, business, and innovative ecommerce websites. Just in case, you are planning for an expansion, Django CMS is the choice to make. 

To know more, visit: https://www.django-cms.org


#6- Pimcore

Pimcore is a great choice to make if you are concerned about your blog security or website security. The CMS also provides a wider scope for content personalization as there is the security provided on multi-layer levels. 

To know more, visit: https://pimcore.com


#7- dotCMS   

It is a quick and more balanced content management system and it provides seamless integration and packed with state of the art functionalities. 

To know more, visit: www.dotcms.com


#8- Hubspot

The content management system is integrated and built on the CDN with SSL and smartly designed for creating personalized content with innovative and uniquely designed content features. 

To know more, visit: www.hubspot.com


#9- Wix

Wix is yet another amazing and powerful content management system, which provides an interface to continuously drag and drop elements in the visual editor and make an overwhelming difference. 

To know more, visit: www.wix.com



WordPress is a powerful content management system, but at times, you may well imagine a content management system that is slightly different in its design sense. And this is the time when you start thinking about WordPress alternatives. With these alternatives, there are more choices falling on your turf.

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