Best free WordPress Themes 2020

The power of WordPress is in its themes and plugins. The best free WordPress themes are considered the best based on their popularity charts, technical essence, and responsive nature. Based on extensive research and analysis, here the best free WordPress Themes of 2020 that you like to use for your website:


#1. Neve

One of the popular and ostensibly clean WordPress Themes around, Neve definitely has a multipurpose objective. It can be utilized to the fullest to design small eCommerce website, or Blogshop Store, or a powerful and secured blog. Neve WordPress theme is an all-time profitable venture for small businesses, agencies, and even those who have the plan for designing the portfolio sites and all small online projects. Undoubtedly, this amazing theme has superiority on multiple levels. 


Neve WordPress themes build up one page and interactive themes and that is what gives out a striking website to fulfill your means. Neve theme comes with highly scalable and realistic page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor. This terrific AMP optimized theme renders a website that gives a seemingly outstanding feel on all kinds of electronic devices. 


#2 – OceanWP

It is the perfect and free WordPress theme ideal for developing your travel project online. This theme is overtly lightweight and extremely flexible. With OceanWP you can quickly develop a full-fledged website that brings up a striking business website with a professional look and feel. 

The free WordPress theme gives you enough reason to personalize the website by integrating multiple widgets and technically responsive websites. The developers who love working on the extensible codebase, OceanWP is the choice to make. 


#3 – Hestia

If you have started off with the business and need a quick online presence, Hestia is the WordPress theme meant to add instant value. The best part is that you do not have to spend a dime. It is one-page layout design with several attractive demos to look out for. Again, this beautiful theme is an idea for medium-sized businesses and startups. The appealing appearance and a well-designed portfolio give Hestia the reason to shop for.

Hestia adds to its functionality a completely responsive outlook, and you have a website that is always running on Smartphones and all kinds of state of the art communication devices. And since it is responsive, there is absolutely no reason for it to give you a distorted appeal. 

And one of the finest things to come across is that Hestia WordPress theme shows superb compatibility with the block editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and several other state of the art website page builder programs. 


#4 – Astra

Astra is undoubtedly one of the fastest, attractive, and appealing WordPress themes hovering around. This attractive theme comes free and includes plenty of stealing features on the website.

Astra free WordPress theme is an ideal match for blogs, personal portfolios as well as representing small businesses. And the fascinating part is that Astra free WordPress theme has superb compatibility with page builders. The theme is light in weight and supports all types of on-page and off-page activities. Besides, there are also many advanced features built into the theme that makes customization easy.  


#5 – Sydney 

Sydney is an authoritative business-oriented and astonishingly free WordPress theme that offers a quick way for bloggers, small-time companies, and portfolio builders to show their presence online in minutes. The powerful customization features included in Sydney allow the WordPress designer to control the layouts, manipulate the header image, undertake sticky navigation, and also influence the color schemes to meet the business objectives. 

Besides several other things, the Sydney WordPress theme adds construction blocks, which are useful in creating attractive pages that are much more of a fun and excitement.


#6– Zakra

Zakra is a bendable and easily manageable free WordPress theme to vouch for. The design elements in Zakra are unique and therefore innovative to work for the blogs, online business stores, and Blogshop stores too. The WordPress theme will bring a great value to your online business.  


The Verdict:

With these smart, powerful, and attractive WordPress themes around, the advantage of defining your business online surpasses the purpose of doing it. The verdict is that if you really need to take the power of your business online, just do it with any of these WordPress themes.     

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