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WordPress came into existence in 2003 as a side-shoot of the famous blogging platform, which was latently known as B2. In the following years, WordPress started developing as a powerful and full-fledged blogging platform, more powerful than its predecessor B2. In recent times, WordPress has emerged as the most likeable and secured content management system known to create dynamic and SEO friendly websites that are already ruling the competitive webspace.  

More than 65 Million websites running on WordPress, and many small to large organisations run their websites on WordPress. A reliable and fast WordPress hosting is very important to make sure your WordPress website runs fast and provide good user experience to website visitors. WordPress hosting is also important for WordPress SEO as fast loading speed is an SEO factor. 

With all these benefits of a good hosting for a website, it becomes very obvious and logical to discuss the best and affordable hosting services available in Australia. 


#1- GoDaddy – It is the leading and truly an award-winning website hosting services provider in Australia that offers an amazing 30% off on every new purchase. The hosting service company provides round the clock technical support. The websites hosted on GoDaddy, offers an incredibly quick loading time. And all it takes to install your website or blog is just 1-Click. You do not need to be technically smart to host your website. 

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#2- Hostinger – Another true value website hosting company for the truly Australian tech people, Hostinger brings an excellent platform to host your WordPress website without going through the technicalities. Now you have a superb website hosting company that is committed to offering you a high-speed performance, excellent security and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With Hostinger, you not only have a really affordable way of hosting an appealing website but value saving offer for small Australian bound business owners. 

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#3- HostGator – It is the leading hosting service with a world reputation and most liked by Australians especially since it offers easy hosting services to WordPress website owners. There is 24/7 phone and chat available and that is seemingly the fun of it. With HostGator, Australian website owners can save 50% every time they host a website. Today, thousands of online entrepreneurs trust HostGator for its awesome customer service. 

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#4- BlueHost – It is a fabulous and Australia’s trusted hosting service also offering Free Domain and website building solutions. BlueHost also provides round the clock support for the WordPress enabled websites and often comes with 60-day money-back guarantee. With this hosting service, you are going to create a stable WordPress and give it functional and stable pages for small and medium businesses. However, it does not provide services on Windows Servers or Cloud Hosting. 

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#5- HostPapa – This is a secured and powerful small business web hosting service, especially those who plan to go for WordPress hosting. It is the best and everlasting and much more secure service for Australian small businesses. HostPapa offers 24/7 technical support and great money-back guarantee too. The web hosting service also provides an amazing WordPress platform with attractive themes and support for third party plugins.

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#5- Network Solutions– The Australian web hosting service provides domain name and professional WordPress templates to create innovative WordPress templates more than anything else. It is a world-renowned hosting service with a high level of security, especially for small business owners. 

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WordPress Hosting Service for Small Online Businesses

Selecting the hosting company is a decisive step before you even start planning and designing the website. Here are a few factors that need to be evaluated and compared on various levels:  

  • Easiness and Comfort of Use
  • Reliability and Website Uptime
  • Extent of Customer Support
  • The Price Mechanism in Place
  • Backend Technical Support
  • Offers on Hosting Packages
  • VPS Hosting Services
  • Dedicated Hosting Services
  • Ecommerce Hosting

Think of the WordPress hosting service that gives you a competitive advantage and excessive superiority online. Moreover, your WordPress will run seamlessly smart if your hosting service is powerful.  



Accepting WordPress needs basic knowledge about web hosting, and more importantly, specialised computers also called servers. Although WordPress websites work on certain minimum hardware and software requirements, it is important to understand the type of hosting service perfectly suited to your type of business. 

WordPress hosting starts from the basic and moves to premium levels, and small time business owners have choices to make.   

Wordpress SEO
Wordpress SEO

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