WordPress vs Drupal

Among the many open source Content Management Systems (CMS) around, WordPress and Drupal belong to the popular league. You should be understandable on what type of CMS platform is going to be perfect for achieving your short term and long term business goals and to what extent really!  

You may be in the state of an utter conundrum as to which of these CMS platforms are really good for your business; you need to weigh it against your protocols. The choice made between the WordPress and Drupal is likely to depend on the extent to which one needs to make the business tech savvy.


Basic and Essential Statistics

Drupal has been in the sight for more number of years than WordPress, but many of us will be amazed to know that only a little over 2-3% websites are designed on it. WordPress on the other hand accounts for more than 35%. In this scenario, you may often be shocked to find why it still seems logical to establish a comparison between Drupal and WordPress?  

The simple answer to it is that despite larger demarcation in the popularity charts, both Drupal and WordPress have their own specific place in the online Content Management System. And this makes them both great and worthwhile.  The biggest and the most aspiring features is that both of them work on open source technologies. It out rightly means that both CMS can be modified and developed further by experienced website developers by making the alterations in existing line of coding. Furthermore, since both of them are open source the customization as well as affordability statistics is at par with one another. 


Strong Support Round the Clock

Both Drupal and WordPress have technical support available online. There is also a strong community around that continues to offer technical support of any kind besides answering the relevant questions with regard to scripting. Just in case you have technical problems or issues with regard to other things, these community developers will help you find a reliable solution that is also more effective in nature.  


Seamlessly Easy and Streamlined

Both Drupal and WordPress are innovative and user-friendly platforms to work on. Many users may also consider both these CMS to be on break even points in comparison to other CMS around. If you compare these CMS platforms with state of the art proprietary options around, the ease of use and comfort is not comparable to anything else. 


Where is the Ultimate Difference Then! 

What users need to go for when selecting between WordPress and the Drupal? Security, Price Tag, Extensibility and Customizability as well as the Business Purpose, are some of the parameters on the basis of which a decision can be made between WordPress and Drupal. 


What is the Learning Curve?

Drupal and WordPress have different learning curve. WordPress is far more user-friendly than Drupal, and moreover with consistent support available for the WordPress Users, the level of learning curve rises up automatically. However in case of Drupal, novice developers cannot handle it all by themselves.  The usability requirements as well as development projects associated with Drupal are not easy to get through for WordPress users. 


Extensibility & Customizability

WordPress has more than 5,500 free themes and 55,000 + Free Plugins, while Drupal has around 3,000 + Themes and 40,000 + Free Plugins. It is very obvious that WordPress provides plenty of ready to use themes to begin with, and amazing plugins that take the power of WordPress to whole new levels and add functionality to it. 

In case of Drupal, majority of functionality is already built inside the themes, and therefore, the need for customization through the way of third party plugins is not at all considered.  Above all, when you want to play with huge amount of Data as well as the content,  Drupal shows high levels of flexibility and therefore far efficient than the WordPress. 


Take the Call!

Now that you have understanding of the pros and cons of Drupal and WordPress CMS, you have to make the appropriate and early decision without delaying anything else. Make sure you become judgemental about your business and on the basis of that decide between Drupal and WordPress. And from the overall statistics, you will find WordPress and Drupal are at par with each other. 

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