WordPress Vs. Shopify – Which is better for eCommerce Site

Startups don’t resist themselves from asking the comparative question – Is WordPress better than Shopify? Both Shopify and WordPress are open source web applications, with secured content management systems. While Shopify provides a dedicated platform for merchants to construct their online eCommerce store, WordPress on the flipside offers a wide range of customizations to the developers and website designers by the installation of appropriate plugins. These plugins can be installed in the web application to fulfill the requirements of a small business or a startup company that wants to launch itself on the internet. 

WordPress and Shopify come in various design templates and new templates keep on adding up now and then by the open-source developers. Since customization opportunities are available with WordPress as well as Shopify, small, medium, and big businesses like to go with them with all their heart and soul. 

Since Shopify is known to be a secured and a hosted system, business owners can quickly expect that there are Shopify Servers that run on these secured hosted systems. Basically, Shopify is a superb tool that works as software as a service (‘SaaS’), which obviously means that no one is going to own the software, rather pay a certain amount of fee on monthly basis.

Shopify is great to use even by those semi-skilled or novice users who have either limited or absolutely no knowledge to develop a powerful and comprehensive eCommerce store without going out for full-fledged coding. 

With WordPress the user has an all-time advantage to make changes in the HTML and CSS of his website, but this type of advantage comes handy to those who have coding skills. These users can customize the eCommerce stores according to their will and whims. In totality, whether it is Shopify or WordPress, both these open source technologies come with their list of Pros and Cons. 


Pros and Cons of Shopify and WordPress

To judge the best out of both open source systems, it is essential to understand both these systems on a different set of parameters. These parameters can help you take an informed decision.

Design Flexibility – Shopify gains an upper edge when it comes to design flexibility. Semi-skilled and a newbie can enjoy working on Shopify interface and customize the design according to their business needs than on WordPress. 

Website Features – Shopify comes with upscale features that are essential for creating secured and advanced eCommerce Stores that run smoothly and has seamless and pro customer features to go with. 

Customer Score – Shopify gains more stars in comparison to WordPress, and this score is the result of the level of satisfaction.  

Ease of Use – Many open source designers as well as general users consider Shopify easy to use as compared to WordPress. 

Value for Money – Shopify is a bit on the costlier side as compared to WordPress, and therefore many business owners who are considering taking their business online give more consideration to WordPress.

Help and Support Services – The real difference is made right here. Shopify has one of the most ultramodern support services available instantly to the end-users, which just don’t come in WordPress. Shopify also has powerful technical support service available, and this is where eCommerce business users like going for Shopify.

Plugin Support – WordPress provides huge support and enhancements and much of these come through the third party [plugins. Shopify on the other hand has less reliance on these plugins.


What to Go With

Both Shopify and WordPress are the goliaths in their real sense and both these systems come packed with amazing set of features. If you are ever stuck with an idea as to which one of these Open Source Systems are ideal, you have to think it from a different angle more objectified to your business prospects. 

WordPress is the best option if you are planning for the blogs, generic websites, or maybe even the microsites. But if you are interested to go for a comprehensive eCommerce store, as the case may be, you just cannot do away with Shopify. WordPress is not going to take your eCommerce business anywhere near to the levels that Shopify could.

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