WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace Compare the two platforms, pros, cons, cover differences and help user decide whic one should they use

Not a while ago, website building used to be a tedious task where the designer had to be in the feet of a trained programmer. He had nothing much available in terms of designing. Everything was hardcoded, scripted, and subsequently arranged. But the days of innovation are around and with state of the art website design tools like WordPress and Squarespace available, website designing has become much of a child’s play if not something else. 

Research shows that around 25% of websites designed in the world are made in WordPress, which is 1.2 Billion, and this is quite a goliath. Squarespace too has its own line of customers, though the amount of features is much less than what you may find in WordPress interface. 

However, for the first time users, it may not seem easy to make the selection between WordPress vs Squarespace, especially because both these website design tools have their own set of features and coded for marginally different purposes altogether. Let’s check out the pros and cons of WordPress and Squarespace right away! 


Pros of the WordPress CMS

Amazing Community Support and Flexibility – WordPress has a strong online community to support the cause, and its interface is also quite a flexible one. Many individuals who are working on old versions of WordPress are continuing to enjoy running their websites and blogs. Whether it is the old 2.9 WordPress Version or the latest 5.1 and the subsequent upgrades, this content management system has never brought any kind of disillusion to its users. The overgrowing community of WordPress visitors is always there to help each other. 

Easy Learning and Interesting – Unlike the Squarespace, the WordPress offers a platform for easy learning, and keeps the interest of users connected. The interface is free of cost and the designer has free rights to make changes in coding. 


Cons of the WordPress CMS

Low-Security Levels – One of the doubts that many online businesses often have with respect to WordPress, is the security. HTML 5 websites and others in the league to have high-security features, but with WordPress, it is far easier to breach the security.  

High Complexity – WordPress websites are complex to manage, and many times, it becomes difficult for a new designer to manage these complexities. With the latest versions added the level of complexities increases automatically. 


Benefits of Squarespace

Minimum to Absolutely No Technical Skills Needed – WordPress requires the knowledge of PHP and other programming and coding methods. However, a newbie can quickly design a website using the Square space as the amount of technical skills required is less. The backend of Squarespace is organized and powerful to easily manage the templates located in the library. 

Affordable and Ownership – Squarespace comes with cheapest and handy plans that can be self-hosted for as low as $5 per month. The amazing part is that you become the owner of your website. 


Downside of Squarespace 

No Migration – Squarespace has no feature of migration, and therefore when the website owner plans out for migrating to another host, he is left with no other option except to start building the website from the scratch.  

No Data Storage – Since Squarespace does not own the website, in any situation where the data critical to your website is lost, it cannot be restored. 


WordPress vs. SquarespaceWhat is Stored in for You?

And just in case you do not come in the league of not so expert programmers, choosing between the WordPress vs. Squarespace will not matter. Both these cool content management systems are designed to create dynamic websites for you that are SEO friendly and all the more exciting ones too. Designers, who don’t feel the need of changing the designs of their websites off and on, can always look forward to Squarespace. 

The web design tool provides quite simplistic interfaces with several default functions and templates. WordPress users surpass those of Squarespace, and it is definitely not without the reasons. Affiliate marketers and who run conversion based businesses on behalf of the stakeholders, WordPress is definitely going to be an all-time gainer. Over a long time frame, WordPress is definitely one of the finest interfaces to go along with, if anyone wants to monopolize themselves in the online business. 


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